Thermal furnaces:

Organic films are removed from metal surfaces by means of thermal decomposition (cleaning of racks, defectively painted products, electromotor windings etc.

Efficient stripping of:

  • Coating substances
  • Adhesives
  • Epoxy resins
  • Grease, oils and fats

WRG heat exchangers

The device is used to:

  • heat up domestic hot water
    (exhaust gases can be used as supporting supply for a boiler plant – air/water system)
  • heat up large spaces (e.g. storages)
    (exhaust gases can be used to heat up air and large storage spaces, for example – air/air system)
  • heat up chemical substances
    (heat exchanger installation is particularly recommended in cases when a customer operates both a thermal cleaning system and a chemical cleaning system simultaneously. In such cases the lost heat is a suitable supporting supply for heating of chemical substances
Gestelltechnik für AUDI
Auftrag für die Produktion von maßgebauten Lackierrahmen für den Autobauer Audi.


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